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Find out

where to

3 steps for discovering your most
valuable market opportunities

Opportunity Set

Search Broadly

Generate and identify your set of market opportunities

Attractiveness Map

Assess Deeply

Evaluate your options and compare their attractiveness

Agile Focus Dartboard

Strategise Smartly

Focus on the most attractive option while remaining agile

Applying the Market Opportunity Navigator is easy

Where to Play Worksheets

Guiding worksheets

3 practical worksheets guide you through these steps and help you find your answers

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Where to Play Book

Where to Play. The book

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Lean Startup Method & Business Model & Market Opportunity Navigator

Add to your business toolbox

Use the Navigator to complement other leading business tools for entrepreneurs and create a powerful suite of instruments

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Turn a complex strategic choice into a structured and manageable task

Make informed decisions

Set a promising strategy with a solid business plan and increase your value creation potential

Communicate your ideas

The navigator provides a shared language, so you can communicate with your team members and stakeholders

Track your decisions over time

Trace back, track and update your strategy whenever needed

Applied by institutes, accelerators and startups worldwide

EPFL de Lausanne
Jacobs Technion-Cornell
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