2018 had been a really exciting year for us: We have launched the Market Opportunity Navigator- a framework to help founders and managers choose a promising strategic focus, and the accompanying book ‘Where to Play’. It was a year packed with excitements, creations and achievements. But most of all- it was a year of learning, and what a fascinating learning journey it was!

So… we decided to take a pause to summarize the achievements, and to thank all those that we learned from, and that helped us spread the word during this inspiring year.

The 2018 report: ‘Where to play’ in numbers

  • 1 book in two languages (English and German)
  • 1 free online course
  • 4 downloadable worksheets
  • 16 blogs posted on our website
  • 25 institutions supporting and spreading the knowledge
  • 64 media coverage on the book/ framework (magazines & online)
  • 141 countries where people applied the Navigator
  • 350 hours of training in workshops and courses
  • 2000 people trained
  • 4000 subscribers to our online course
  • 7750 worksheets downloaded

We are new, but ambitious and determined to make an impact

When people ask us what is our main goal with the Navigator, the answer is clear: we want to make an impact! It simply feels great to see the value that we bring to managers who struggle to discover their most promising opportunity

We strive to make an impact by helping entrepreneurs identify, evaluate and prioritize market opportunities for their business, so that they can increase their chances of success and create significant new value.

We believe that choosing the right markets is a crucial process throughout the life of a business, and envision entrepreneurs and business managers prioritizing market opportunities in a systematic way, reducing uncertainty and moving
forward with confidence.

2018 was our year to set the tone. We
started to build relationships with our users, and learned what would help them
reap the greatest value from our framework. We understood the nuances in how we
complement other great business tools, and what it takes to spread the word

And the accomplishments followed quickly! The numbers and figures were surprising and outstanding. But none of that would have happened without the numerous people and organizations that helped us reach out along the year.

A huge thank you

First, we owe a great deal of our learning to some of the key influencers who dedicated their time to meet or support us. Among them are Steve BlankAlexander OsterwalderYves PigneurTendayi VikiScott ShaneDavid CharronBrant CooperJeff GothelfDave GrayTristan Kromer, and many others.

Thank you also to all the endorsers who helped us spread the word, including Tina SeeligJohn MullinsHenry ChesbroughEric von HippelDean ShepherdAnn-Kristin AchleitnerOliver GassmannMalte BrettelNikolaus FrankeHolger Patzelt and Dietmar Grichnik.

Lastly, we wish to thank the people at Pearson Financial Times who believed in us from day 1 and helped us turn this dream into reality, and especially Eloise CookLynsey Martinez and Stephane Nakib.

With the help of these key people we were able to aim high and reach far. Here is a quick peek to some of the organizations we worked with during 2018:

Outlook for 2019

Many exciting things will happen in 2019…and here’s a preview of some – please reach out to us if you are interested to learn more about these opportunities, or have ideas that you want to share with us!

  • The book, which is currently available in English and German, will be launched soon in French, Chinese, and Vietnamese.
  • Our online course on EdX is up and running, now on a self-paced mode. You can register for free and enjoy over 50 bite-size videos, examples, and practice exercises.
  • We are also revising our website www.wheretoplay.co and adding a new section with more use-cases and examples- coming up soon.
  • And lastly- you can find us in workshops and courses all over the world, including the upcoming USASBE conference, the Forum Forward, MassChallenge and more. If you are interested in a training session, contact us at info@wheretoplay.co.