Make confident market decisions and unleash new growth options

The Market Opportunity Navigator helps entrepreneurs and business managers to systematically discover their best market opportunities

  • Reduce uncertainty
  • Make unbiased team decisions
  • Move forward with confidence

A new addition to the Lean toolset

Current Lean Startup tools offer the details of how to play.
The Market Opportunity Navigator helps you to zoom-out to understand where to play.
It includes 3 structured steps:


market opportunities for your business


and compare options systematically


opportunities for a clear strategic focus

Running a startup?

Apply this framework to find your best starting position

"A simple, visual and systematic way to navigate the process of how to select what market to start with."

Steve Blank

Innovating in a larger organization?

Apply this framework to identify growth opportunities beyond your industry boundaries

"A nice way to begin to understand the whole concept of competitive arenas"

Rita MacGrath

Struggling to find the best market for your innovation?

  • Juggling with too many opportunities and must prioritize?
  • Afraid of wasting money, time and efforts on the wrong path?
  • Worried about marking irreversible decisions that would lock you in?

Stop playing target market roulette

The Market Opportunity Navigator and its three guiding worksheets will help you turn this critical choice into a manageable process.

We know how challenging it is to prioritize market opportunities in this fast-moving and uncertain world

photo by: Felix Pilz

photo by: Felix Pilz

Overcome this challenge with our proven framework

  • Based on +15 years of rigorous  academic research
  • Adopted by thousands of companies and institutes worldwide
  • Officially added to the Lean Startup toolset

Increase your chances to win

Apply the Market Opportunity Navigator

Work with your team to systematically identify, evaluate and prioritize opportunities

Focus your resources smartly

Make an informed strategic choice that would keep you focused yet flexible for the future

Grow your business time and again

Make it a habit whenever you need to revisit your strategy

'Focus focus focus'- but on what?

Choosing which opportunity to focus on is a crucial and ongoing process throughout the life of a business, yet it is often one of the trickiest questions that managers face when striving to start or grow the company.

Identifying new opportunities and evaluating their value is a challenging task that too often relies on luck or intuition. Even if you take the time to gather supporting data and evidence, generating clear conclusions from endless bits of information can be overwhelming.

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Photo by Per Lööv on Unsplash
Photo by Per Lööv on Unsplash

To overcome this challenge, we’ve rigorously studied and worked with hundreds of startups to create the Market Opportunity Navigator. This simple and solid framework helps entrepreneurs and managers identify, evaluate and prioritize market opportunities for their business, so they can set their strategic focus and move forward with confidence.

The Market Opportunity Navigator covers three essential steps, with three dedicated worksheets:

Identifying valuable market opportunities stemming from the venture's core competences

Evaluating possible market opportunities in a comprehensive manner, to reveal the most attractive options

Designing a smart strategy that allows you to focus on a clear target without losing your agility

Applying the Market Opportunity Navigator requires time and attention. Yet, taking the time to make an informed choice is probably the best investment you and your team can make. Not only because this choice is fundamental for generating sales and creating value, but also because it shapes the DNA of your company.

Moreover, if you are familiar with other great business tools such as the Lean Startup or the Business Model Canvas, this framework is a key addition to your toolset: it will help you to figure out 'where to play' before zooming in on 'how to play'.

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