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about us

We help entrepreneurs identify, evaluate and prioritise market opportunities for their business so that they can increase their chances of success and create significant new value.

We believe that choosing the right markets is a crucial and ongoing process throughout the life of a business. We envision entrepreneurs and business managers approaching market discovery and validation in a systematic way, reducing uncertainty and moving forward with confidence.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve rigorously studied and worked with hundreds of startups to create the Market Opportunity Navigator. This simple and solid framework will help your team choose a promising strategic focus while ensuring future adaptability.

The Navigator is helping thousands of companies around the globe find the right markets at every stage of their growth. You can find out where to play today with the help of our book or our free online course.



Prof. Marc Gruber

A world-leading researcher in the domain of innovation, entrepreneurship and technology commercialization. He is Vice President for Innovation at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland, where he also heads the Chair of Entrepreneurship & Technology Commercialization. He works as the Deputy Editor for the #1 empirical research journal in management, the Academy of Management Journal.

Received multiple “Thought Leader” awards for his breakthrough research. Marc is actively engaged in teaching, consulting, and executive training programs in Europe, the US and Asia, and regularly acts as a jury member in start-up and corporate entrepreneurship competitions across Europe.


Dr. Sharon Tal

Sharon is a co- founder and former executive director of the Entrepreneurship Center at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, and a well-recognized lecturer on marketing for high-tech startups. She gives lectures and workshops on a regular basis to students and start-ups, and serves as a mentor in many organizations that aim to help budding entrepreneurs.

Sharon has vast experience in marketing, as she served as a marketing manager for firms in several industries, as well as extensive experience in strategic consulting. Her PhD research looked at market entry decisions of hundreds of startups and its consequences on firm performance and flexibility.