Help your clients identify groundbreaking opportunities stemming from their core

In times like this - when competitive advantages are temporary and industry lines are quickly blurring - you need to help your clients understand their opportunity space and orchestrate their next competitive moves.

If you coach or consult managers in finding their next promising engines -the Market Opportunity Navigator is a great addition to your toolset. It allows you to structure your search process, make informed recommendations, and align the management team around a clear roadmap.

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To meet the growing demand for experienced facilitators, we offer an online Certificate Program for Consultants. It gives consultants and coaches the opportunity to master the Where to Play process, hand-hold their clients and bring results.

Using real-life examples, we thoroughly explain the framework and its dedicated worksheets, show how it complements other business tools, and provide practical tips and resources to best implement it in your own settings.

This certification program is designed for consultants from all backgrounds and industries, working with startups or large corporates.

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Learn directly from the tool creators

Grant exclusive access to supporting materials

Join a lively community of like-minded experts

Differentiate and expose your business

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