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Download our Educators Guide

To support you in your mentoring or teaching, we have put together a short guide aimed at providing some background information and materials for implementing the Market Opportunity Navigator in business courses and workshops.

The guide includes a detailed description of 5 training sessions, the key objectives and takeaways for students and trainees, links to all the required materials and concrete application examples along with suggested in-class discussions. Download the Educators’ Guide here, it’s completely free!

What others say about the course


“What I liked about this course is its practicality. I was taught and then able to exercise what I learned. I love this considering it is how I learn best. My favorite course by far, really well structured“

Master student, Technology University of Munich

“I found the Market Opportunity Navigator as an extremely useful tool for entrepreneurs coming from a technological background, who seek to influence society using their skills. I hope to see the Market Opportunity Navigator in every entrepreneurial team toolbox, as the only method exists to make the right balance between the founders’ skills and core abilities and the product/market fit.

Postdoc student, Cornell Tech

“I believe this innovative course should be offered by any school that emphasizes the commercialization of new innovations and seeks to educate their students in how to identify and strategize valuable business opportunities“

Prof. & Dr. Holger Patzelt, Chair of Entrepreneurship and Professor of Entrepreneurship Technical University of Munich, Germany


“The workshop helped us take a step back from our laser-focused customer discovery and revisit our decision regarding the customer segments and the product market fit before moving forward. This is an excellent, crucial, and complementary method to Lean Startup by Steve Blank that should be implemented by all startups. I believe that the Market Opportunity Navigator is one of the strongest entrepreneurship pedagogy methods by far”

Postdoc student, Cornell Tech

Slideshare & YouTube Teaching Material

Are you interested in using the method as part of your teaching material in the classroom? Head over to SlideShare to discover more material to support you in your role as a business mentor or educator.

We have put together a series of five presentations that you can use in class or in your workshops. Throughout this material, you will find a brief introduction, a detailed explanation on how to implement each step of the Navigator, and a summary deck along with one case study illustrating how the process was applied by one specific company. Simply download the presentations and bring them with you to class.

You can also point your students to our short videos on how to work with the Market Opportunity Navigator  or show these in class.

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