Innovating in a larger organization?

Find promising growth opportunities beyond your existing boundaries

The Market Opportunity Navigator helps innovation managers break out of industry analysis and systematically discover their arena of opportunities

Need to find the next big growth engine?

  • Afraid of disruption in your industry?
  • Struggling to involve your employees in the market discovery process?
  • Relying too much on luck rather than on proven practices to move forward?

The Market Opportunity Navigator and its three guiding worksheets brings structure into a wide-lens discovery process

Identify & evaluate groundbreaking opportunities stemming from your core

Avoid bounding conceptions and employ entrepreneurial imagination

Run structured brainstorming sessions and engage your teams

Manage the ongoing growth challenge

In today’s business environment, competitive advantages are temporary and industry lines are quickly blurring. You need to identify your space of opportunities and reconfigure your assets quickly if you want to continue winning.

The Market Opportunity Navigator can help you do that.

Steve Blank:

“In large companies and government agencies the problem is even more acute. Where do we spend our limited time and resources on our next moves? ... The Market Opportunity Navigator is a useful adjunct to the curation and prioritization steps.”

Innovation Management at Logitech:

  • Our team can help you facilitate the process

Increase your chances to win

Identify new growth

Characterize and recombine your core assets to systematically identify distant opportunities

Evaluate opportunities systematically

Screen and select your strategies carefully

Orchestrate competitive moves in your arena

Design a balanced
growth portfolio

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