In turbulent times like the one we are currently experiencing, the demand for strategic frameworks like the Market Opportunity Navigator is constantly growing. Managers are looking for systematic tools to help them find new growth engines, make informed strategic choices, and align their teams around a clear roadmap.

To meet this growing demand and help companies survive and thrive, we have recently launched our new Certificate Program for Consultants. It gives consultants and mentors the opportunity to master the Where to Play process, hand-hold their clients and bring results.

This certification program is designed for consultants from all backgrounds and industries, working with startups or large corporates.  If you want to support your clients in leveraging their key resources and (re)designing their strategy, or hope to develop your own unique value proposition and adapt your services to the digital space – this program is for you.

Here is how getting certified can help you nourish your business:

1) Master the framework

Learn battle-tested practices for applying the Market Opportunity Navigator effectively and efficiently directly from the tool’s creators. We thoroughly explain how to coach various clients – all the way from startups to large corporates, how to run different offline or online workshops based on the three steps of the framework, and how to define, pitch and facilitate a Where to Play consulting project, along with other Lean Startup tools.

2) Join a network of like-minded experts

As a certified consultant, you will join our exclusive LinkedIn group that allows you to share ideas, projects, and challenges with other top professionals from around the world. It’s a community that can help you not only in refining your skills and expertise, but also in sharing and getting exposed to new business opportunities for your consulting services.

3) Leverage our platforms to increase exposure

The Where to Play website has thousands of unique visitors. On a page dedicated to our certified consultants, you will be able to share your expertise and contact details. We will also be happy to publish your case studies in our periodical newsletter – to increase your exposure with relevant customers.

4) Grant exclusive access to supporting materials

As a certified consultant, you can access a wealth of supporting materials to help you get clients and run the process effectively with them. This includes a detailed Consultants’ Guide, ready-made slide decks, and a PR package for your social media. You will also be the first to learn about any new resources that we publish in the future.

Interested to learn more?

Check out the upcoming  program.