Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes the way we are using, sharing and collecting Information.

“Information” in this policy means: information we received from you or was generated or created during your use of our site and any part of such as: related services, platforms, forums, applications, newsletters, events and etc (“Activities”) or in connection with them. Our Activities may include: collaboration with third parties/hosts/advertisers, sponsors websites, webinars, sponsored forums, surveys and more. The collaboration may be explicit or unrevealed.

The information may be gathered through any of our Activities that you engaged with, or through any other technological mean that is part of our Activities.

When you use or any other way engage with the Activities you give your consent to the collection, transfer, analysis, storage, modification, disclosure and any other form of use of the Information according to this Privacy Policy.

When you register any of the Activities you may be asked to provide information about yourself such as: name, gender, address, email address, proficiency, work place, title, personal preferences, and so on – hereinafter: “Registration Details”. If you are registering through a third party application like LinkedIn, it is most probable that such information will be transferred to us by that application according to third party’s own privacy policy.

When you post a comment, answers, questions, media, web links or any other information through the Activities you should be aware that it becomes public and may be distributed by us to other users of the Activities and to our business partners. We are noticing you that such post may be share by anyone and consequently may be viewed by many others. Therefore, be careful when you post. You agree by using the Activities that such information cannot be regarded as personal, confidential or proprietary. You should be aware that we may access any information posted by you or sent to you through the Activities.

We may collect information about any aspect of your use of the Activities such as dates and time of your logged in, the way you logged in, your duration in each part of the Activities, the downloads you made through the Activities, the content you watch, the subscriptions you made, your IP address, your device identifier, your browser type, your operating system, web pages visited by you, your mobile carrier, cellular sites ID used by you, hot spots ID used by you, information through cookies and various identifiers about your device and your use in the Activities, and any other statistics that can be gathered through your use of the application.

We may use cookies which are files that we transfer to your device that store information about your use in the Activities or web beacons which are graphic signs that allow us to track general user traffic patterns – both helps us and our business partners to utilized better ours and their Activities. We can access the information stored in the cookies and use it for the benefit of the Activities and share it with our business partners. We may also store our own information in the cookies for the above purposes. You probably may have the option to block the use of cookies in your device by a software installed in your device, but it may jeopardize the ability to use the Activities properly.

We may install in the Activities third party information and content like advertising or third party utilities, that may use technological instrument that allows the third party pertaining its information or content to read or write cookies that will be installed in your device or use web beacons.

We may collect, store, analyzed and modify any information that was provided through the Activities or with regard to them, and may combined them with other information, that may include the making of user profiles, user predicted preferences and social characteristics and so on. We may use the above for the benefits of the Activities, the development of other Activities and the customization of third party advertising, content, marketing and information and may share it with our business partners.

We and our business partners may use the Information to provide you content, publications, newsletters or to offer you subscriptions, services and products, participation in events and like.

We shall not disclose any information that reasonably may identify you personally without your consent, unless such information was revealed by your posts or was classified by this Privacy Policy as non personal (hereinafter – personal information). We do not regard your IP address or your device identifier or any other identifier of your hardware, software or of any other technological instrument you utilize in order to use the Activities as a personal identifier. Accordingly, we may share with others any information mentioned in this policy, which is not regarded as personal information by this policy.

We may disclose personal information without your permission if we believe that: it is required by law, or in order to enforce or protect our rights or the rights of our customers, users or suppliers, or in order to enforce this policy or our terms of use.

We use reasonable measures in order to safeguard our systems. Nevertheless we do not guarantee that there be no breach to our systems.

The Activities may be linked to a third party wed sites, utilities or applications, and information that gathered about you through them will be governed according to third party’s privacy policy. We shall not be responsible for any use of those third parties with regard to privacy and security issues.

We ask you to visit periodically this policy to witness the changes we may make to this policy.