We provide a wealth of supporting materials to help you apply the Market Opportunity Navigator in your own business or startup, or to guide you in running a workshop or a class session.
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  • Navigator and Worksheets
    Download the Market Opportunity Navigator and its three worksheets if you want to work offline or print on large-scale
    Download worksheets
  • Work online
    Sign up to the free web-app to work online: create, save and download your projects
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  • Web-app basics
    Learn how to apply the Market Opportunity Navigator using our free web-app
    View our web app tutorial
  • Where to Play book
    Download the entire 1st chapter of the book for free
    Read first chapter
  • Free online course
    Join the EdX course with over 8 hrs of short videos, case studies and quizzes
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  • Flyability Case Study
    How a drone startup found their initial target market
    Read case study
  • Flyability Case Video
    A 12 min overview of the Navigator’s process, illustrated by the case of a drone startup
    Watch case study
  • ComPair Case Study
    Bringing a self-healing-composite from the lab to the market
    Read case study
  • ComPair – A follow up case
    From lab to market phase 2: the evolving strategy of a university spinoff
    Read case study
  • Augury Case Study
    How startup Augury determined its market opportunities
    Read case study
  • Logitech Case Study
    How a 9B $ company applied the Navigator to explore new market opportunities
    Read case study
  • Gopa Case Study
    Apply the Navigator not only for tech innovations. Read the case of a catering business.
    Read case study
  • Webinar: How to apply the Market Opportunity Navigator
    A 1 hr session on how to apply the Navigator in your own business or startup
    Watch webinar
  • Webinar: How to run a workshop / class session
    A 1 hr session dedicated for educators and mentors
    Watch webinar
  • Webinar: Understand your “Arena of opportunities”
    A 1 hr session on why & how companies should think beyond industry boundaries
    Watch webinar
  • Introduction video
    A 2 minute video on why you should care about the Market Opportunity Navigator
    Watch introduction video
  • Overview Video
    A 6 minute video for a short overview of the framework
    Watch video
  • Educators Guide
    This guide includes a detailed description of 5 training sessions, with links to all the required materials
    Read guide
  • Overview Presentation
    A slide-deck to run a short session on the Navigator as a key addition to the Lean toolset
    Download deck
  • 5 lessons slide pack
    A set of 5 decks for running a complete training module, including one full case study
    Download deck
  • Where to impact
    If you are a double-bottom-line venture, you have to add social impact into your considerations.
    Read how
  • Evaluating social / environmental impact
    A complementing worksheet to assess the overall impact of opportunities before choosing where to play
    Download worksheet
  • Research background: Look before you leap
    A Management Science paper on why startups should generate a set of market opportunities
    Read this study
  • Research Background: Escaping the prior knowledge corridor
    An Organization Science paper on the number and variety of identified market opportunities
    Read this study
  • Research background: Market entry decisions
    How startups face the challenge of balancing focus and flexibility
    Read this study
  • More articles and posts
    Visit our blog for additional info, insights and tips
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