The Market Opportunity Navigator

The Market Opportunity Navigator is designed to help you get a clear overview of your potential market domains and make confident decisions on where to play next.

To set a promising business strategy, you need to discover your available market opportunities, assess their attractiveness and choose which ones to focus on.

The Market Opportunity Navigator guides you through this 3 step process with a visual, easy to apply framework.
Three dedicated worksheets help you to ask the right questions and make your best choices apparent.

Integrate your learning with other Lean tools

The Market Opportunity Navigator complements and reinforces other great business tools such as the Business Model Canvas, the Value Proposition Canvas or the Lean Startup Methodology.

These tools tell you how to rapidly find product/market fit inside a market, and how to pivot when your hypotheses are incorrect. However, they don’t help you figure out where to start the search for your new business.

This is exactly why the Navigator is a key addition. It provides a wide-lens perspective to find different potential market domains for your innovation, before you zoom in and design the business model or test your minimal viable products. This framework can act as the front-end of Customer Development. It helps figure out the most promising starting position – market domain – for your customer development process and figure out where to play before zooming in on how to play.

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